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The U.S. Immigration system can be overwhelming for many. As an immigrant myself, I personally understand the anxiety and the discomfort that surround the immigration process. Ultimately, what made the difference for me was seeing the far-reaching impact honest legal help can have on immigrants and their families trying to obtain the proper visa.

Having lived in the United States for most of my life, I am grateful for the endless opportunities this country has provided me with thus far. One belief that has rung true for me is that the sky is the limit for all your dreams. It is this conviction that drove me to pursue a career dedicated to helping as many foreign nationals as possible achieve their goals and as I did and live
“The American Dream.”

M​orella Salazar Dager
Attorney at Law
Founder & Principal Attorney

Mission Statement

Our mission is to take a genuine interest in our clients, understand their objectives, and meet or exceed their expectations. We dedicate ourselves to provide superior legal services, applying unwavering dedication and high ethical standards to deliver effective solutions to their immigration objectives.  We strive to achieve legal excellence without compromising our integrity, professionalism, and respect for our clients.

To this end, we passionately advocate for our clients using personal facts to resolve complex or routine immigration problems. Our team of professionals will take an “x-ray of case facts” – an evaluation to reach a strategic plan to achieve a favorable outcome, adjusted to meet the unique needs of each client. This approach’s success rate is based on our high retention rates, strong referral base, and repeat business.

In pursuit of this mission, we stand for the following values:


We work hard to become your immigration law service provider of choice. 


Our reputation for great personalized service is our hallmark. We strive to exceed or meet expectations through continuous, open communication.


We have a team of highly-qualified immigration professionals with extensive legal experience, allowing us to provide our clients with the premium quality service that we are renowned for. We encourage all our team members to continue the common sharing of knowledge within the greater legal community.


As a “nation of immigrants”, it is our firm belief that diversity is the key to enriching our country. Our vision is centered on helping foreign nationals overcome immigration-related difficulty at every step on their path toward achieving their immigration or business goals. Through effective legal counsel, it is our hope that these individuals will be properly prepared so that they will be able to benefit from this country’s opportunities and achieve their best versions of the American Dream.


Our firm practices exclusively in the area of U.S.
immigration law. Immigration is a complex area of law – one that is constantly changing. The Firm takes pride in handling a broad spectrum of business and family immigration cases, from the commonplace to the highly complex. Our sole focus on immigration law enables us to remain on top all the constant changes in immigration and the real time impact they have on our clients.
or at U.S. Consulates.

The Firm has clientele that ranges from multinationals and domestic corporations to families and individuals who do business in the US or wish to do so.

Our office is located in the financial center of Miami, specifically in Brickell Avenue and has Representative  offices throughout Latin-American and Europe. (Bogota-Colombia, Caracas-Venezuela, Ciudad de México-México, Buenos Aires-Argentina, Quito-Ecuador, Santiago de Chile-Chile, Lima-Perú, Fortaleza-Brasil, Sao Paulo-Brasil, Madrid-España, Milán-Italia, London-UK)

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